By St. Peter und Paul - in the region of the Bohemian Garnet


GPS:            50°30'13.385"N 13°58'27.710"E
                     N 50° 30.22308'  E 13° 58.46183'

WSG-84:     50.5037228 N,    13.9743766 E


Sutom is situated in the Protected Landscape Area of Ceske stredohori (Central Bohemian Mountains) in the part known as Milesovske stredohori. Hill Milesovka / 837 meters above the village Sutom and 8 km away!


The gateway into private near the church St. Peter and Paul

Gateway. Bell can be found on the left pillar.


Our building is into three -Nr.1The building is visible behind the tree ....Nr.1  / situated is on the outskirts of the village SUTOM /.

the castle Kostialov - 2 km only

Road from Lovosice: 300 m before accommodation in the direction of Dresden, Prag or municipality Velemín / 4 km /on D 8 / EXIT 52 /


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Post adress

Sutom Nr. 1
post office: 410 02 Lovosice



kraj hradů a českého granátu