Hiking and Cycling routes around Sutom

The wiew from Holy vrch


 Borec – the hill festooned with ice frost 2 km walk
Attractions: nature trail leading to Boreč national natural monument - ventaroles /only observable in cold weather/, Sutom - the late Baroque-style church of St. Peter and Paul by O. Broggio, Holy vrch (Bare Hill) above Sutom - 500 m /50 m vertical distance/

the ruin Kostalov>circle to walk> 1,5 km – Trebenice town 4 km – Sutom 6 km – circle 12 km walk
Starting point: Sutom/signpost in the centre of the village/ -Kostalov /signpost below the castle/ 1.5 km – Trebenice, Parikovo namesti /signpost and map/ 2 km- Trebenice museum 500 m -Tepla 3km –Drinek 200 m – Vlastislav 1 km –Sutom 1 km Demandingness: low, 12 km

Refreshment: Trebenice 3 restaurants, Sutom - grocer's shop /Friday and Saturday the pab, too/

Ruins of Oltářík (Small Altar) Castle /You can see from windows / 5 km - walk thouth villages: Sutom - 1 km -Vlastislav - 1 km - Chrastna - 1 km - Dekovka -1 km - Oltarik/Hradek/.  Demandingness: low, 10 km. The Hussite hetman, brave soldier and warrior at the time of the Hussite Wars,

Jakoubek of Vřesovic had a castle built at the top of a steep
basalt rock (565 m n.m.) sometime after 1426. At that time new castles were built only rarely
and if they were built they were, just like Oltářík, resembling
eagle nests, being situated high at the top of solitary peaks. The top of the basalt
cone did not allow much space for the castle,
so a trapezoid residential tower was built with two rounded corners. This
extreme location at the top of a prominent hill was a reaction to the devastating
power of the artillery that was demonstrated during the Hussite Wars.


Gate to Bohemia/ Porta Bohemica /The view from Dubicky church, 15 km by car
The fascinating scenery of the valley of the Labe River enclosed by the steep slopes of Ceske Stredohori


Swimming in Milesov lakes MLYNY  - 4 km

Hradistany mountain and back. Swimming in the Mrsklesy village / 14 km

Pursuing stone Suns - route from Sutom across village Libceves to Hnojnice  30 km from Sutom-
Kamenná slunce /Czech / .

Stadice - Kralovske pole (King's field) across Dubice church /views of Porta Bohemica/ and back to Sutom
Demandingness: high - vertical distance approximately 450 m - total length 42 km - by car or cycling

Attractions: views of the Porta Bohemica /the deep valley of the Labe River/ from Dubice chapel, Kletecna– memorial of the abolition of corvee, Stadice: Royal field – legend of first Bohemia King Premysl 

Refreshment: Motorest in village Velemin, pub at the nearer end of Dubice

Radobyl mountain - across Borec, the ferry Velke Zernoseky and a lake Zalhostice - to the Sutom / circle walk and train and bus
Sutom – 2 km Borec - 1.5 km Rezny ujezd - 1 km Bilinka - 2 km / Oparno – 4 km Male Zernoseky - 1 km ferrz Velke Zernoseky – 3 km Radobyl - quarry below Radobyl – 2 km lake Zalhostice – TRAIN – Lovosice + BUS to Sutom or to Trebenice and hike from Trebenice 4 km. Demandingness: low - 17-km circuit + a train ride + change to BUS in Lovosice.

Through the Oparenske valley and the Bohemian Gate across the Kubo mine all the way to Certova vyhlidka (Certova - Devil's viewing post) - circle 15 km walk.

To the top of Lovos 8 km by car or the walk
We will ascend from the industrial town of Lovosice to the basalt hill of Lovose, a regional landmark. We will be rewarded by a unique view of the breathtaking Ceske Stredohori. We will also se the unique Borec national natural monument and, at the end, enjoy the sight of the romantic ruins towering on the Kostal rock and offering wonderful views of the surrounding country.

 To Milesovka and back across castle Ostry to the Sutom - circle 28 km walk or by car
Route: Start at Sutom guest house - climb above Kocourov, a village with a decent restaurant - Milesov - Milesovka (837 m) Back: Milesov – to Kocourov - Ostry (553 m) - Brezno – Sutom. 

Refreshment: cafe /open at weekends only/ on the peak of Milesovka, pub in Milesov and Kocourov.

Milesovka is a dominating feature of the Ceske Stredohori highland. We can find it over the village Milesov about 7 km north of Sutom. The peak is ranked among the most windy mountains in Czech Republic and it is also the highest one in Ceske Stredohori. The very first chalet had been built up in 1825, other buildings soon followed as well as the outlook tower in 1850. The traveler Alexander von Humboldt is responsible for the construction, he labeled the view from Milesovka as the third most beautiful in the world, it is really worth visiting. You can see the scenery view of Ceske Stredohori, the Polabska nizina lowlands and the ridge of the Krusne hory mountains. Milesovka adjoins with a peak called Paskapole which is crossed by the road connecting Prague with Teplice. 


Lipska Mountain – circle to walk
Demandingness: low, 15 km, the route leads along marked tourist, partly on 3rd class roads and through woods. Attractions: the chateau and tower of Skalka, Oltarik - Hradek /ruins with a lookout/, Lipska hora - view from the summit !, the ruins of Ostry.

Refreshment: Kocourov restaurant, Sutom - grocer's shop


Journey to Ulrike von Lewetzov: Trebívlice – Trebenice (circle) 25 km walk and bus
Attractions: castle and chateau of Skalka, the castle of Oltarik- ruins, the town Trebivlice – museum and tomb of Ulrika von Lewetzov /Goethe's last love/, Czech Garnet Museum in Trebenice

Refreshment: Trebivlice: public swimming pool, restaurant and grocer's shop, Trebenice: 3 restaurants, grocer's shop, convenience store


Historical sights in Litomerice town - 20 km - cykling> through the Oparenske valley and through the regular ferry for walk guidance and bicycles between  Male and Velke Zernoseky.

This stop at Litomerice presents the once renowned medieval town with its graceful houses skirting the square, historical cellars and monumental churches, hemmed in by well preserved fortifications. Therefore, we can have a rest from the lively bustle of the town at the bailey or on top of the observation tower at Dum u Kalicha (Chalice House). We will visit the national history museum in the Old Town Hall with its rich collections and memorial chamber devoted to poet K. H. Macha. If we have some time and strength left, we can ascend the observation tower with a restaurant on the summit of the Mostka hill and enjoy the views of old Litomerice with Domsky pahorek (Dome Hill) or Ceské Stredohori with Hazmburkcastle /20 km/ and the memorial mount Rip /20 km/.


 Terezin fortress - a place where history happened 3 km from Litomerice in direkt to Prag
Accept our invitation and get carried away by the world's unique sight - a town that, as a whole, represents the most modern bastion fortress built in the neat style of the French fortification school. We will enjoy remarkable tours of the fortification system including various attractions and auxiliary services. However, this trip mainly focuses on the Terezin Memorial in the Small Fortress with its exposition commemorating the inauspicious history of 1939 - 45, i.e. the period of German occupation during World War II.


 The Train trip - from town Lovosice :

Taking a trip with your children to town Usti nad Labem / 28 km / and its surroundings
The surroundings of Usti nad Labem as well as the town itself represents an interesting attraction for those who wander around this region, even if they have small children with them. At the beginning we will encounter the animal realm in Usti ZOO with its wonderful attractions for the smallest visitors, climb above the town up the Erben lookout commanding views of the surrounding country and travel back in time to the mysterious castle of Strekov, haunted by bogeys.


Rip Mountain - from village Mnetes 45 km

by car to the willage Mnetes /near town Roudnice nad Labem /

Rip Mountain is the most famous and memorable hill in our country, a symbol of the Czech nation. As Cosmas of Prague says in his chronicle, the mythical grandfather Czech came up this hill and decided this was where his tribe and all its descendants would live.


The town Libochovice / Cycling routes - To the birthplace of J.E. Purkyně

Length:  circle 35 km on the roads -  bike or auto
Dificulty: easy
Bikes:cross bike, mountain bike

Attractions: Tepla – spring of ferric mineral water at the chapel, Trebenice – the Czech Garnet Museum, the castle of Hazmburk tower /admission fee charged/, Libochovice- Baroque-style chateau and garden.

Demandingness: the castle of Hazmburk: climbing up the hill towards the castle with a bike may be a little more strenuous /but the warden drives his car up the hill/, there is a guarded car park on foot of the hill, off the village Klapy.


 Dist.   Location   Elevation   Marking   Description 
 0,0   Sutom  400 m n.m.       cycle way no. 25 - direction to  Vlastislav and Teplá - turn to cycle way no. 26
 4,0   Trebenice  220 m n.m.       road cycle way no. 26
 8,0   Úpohlavy   180 m n.m.       road
 16,5   Libochovice   160 m n.m.      road no. 237, cycle way no. 26 
 21,0   Klapý   230 m n.m.      road no. 237, cycle way no. 26 
 26,0   Třebenice   220 m n.m.      cycle way no. 26 - direction to Teplá and Vlastislav ,turn to cycle way no. 25 


The view from gateway /author A.Komarek

View from the gateway of the accommodations - the Oltarik castle /ruins/. Author A.Komarek

GPS:  50°30'13.385"N  13°58'27.710"E

           N 50° 30.22308'  E 13° 58.46183'

WGX           50.5037181N,     13.9743639E

kraj hradů a českého granátu